Rocket Scientist – Neal Brown

Neal Brown Poker Flat

Neal Brown, far left, in 1972 at Poker Flat.

Back in the day, KUAC’s Alaska Edition would air a monthly segment with my guest today. Neal Brown had an ability to identify an aspect of the natural world, whether it was the aurora, the solstice, weather patterns or green-up, and explain some of the science driving his topic. His style was never snooty, and he always displayed an easy-going enthusiasm for the subject. Next Monday, the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Summer Sessions will salute Neal with the Legacy Lecture. In fact, it is less a lecture than a video-taped conversation Neal and I had some weeks ago. The legacy salute represents just one of the many honors UAF and the UA Board of Regents have bestowed on Neal. The range of recognition isn’t surprising when you consider the many roles he has played at the school. To prepare for the legacy conversation, I visited Neal at his home overlooking Fairbanks to chat about his life and various passions.

Also on the show: summer is just around the corner. Chris Lott and Katexic Clippings is in with an appropriate word.

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