Rising Again & Public Chroniclers

Andy Sterns

Andy Sterns: Photo courtesy of Ned Rozell

As regular listeners know, I periodically address the theme of perseverance. This episode has it in spades. University of Alaska Fairbanks historian and author Terrence Cole is retiring after 30 years at UAF to address his diagnosis of gastric cancer and to finish a book. His brother Dermot, a columnist, author and political commentator, has ventured into the world of blogging. Later in the show, I air the second half of my conversation with Dermot and Terrence.

Also, Chris Lott in Katexic Clippings looks at twins in language and history.

I begin today with Andy Sterns a much-admired endurance athlete. Andy teaches rock climbing at UAF and has participated in events like the Iditarod as a musher and as a solo athlete in the Iditasport. More locally, he can be found on the trails in the 50K Sonot Kkaazoot ski race and Equinox Marathon. While not unusual, his participation is extraordinary in the fact he has survived two serious, debilitating accidents: One in college, when he skied head-long into a tree and was hospitalized, and again five years ago, when he was caught in an avalanche. In this second incident, after an arduous rescue, he spent more than a month in the hospital recovering from two seriously broken legs and a coma. As you’ll hear, neither accident deterred him from pursuing his love for the outdoors and physical activity.

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