Weaving Stories, Constructing Chambers

Cole Brothers

On May 23, University of Alaska Fairbanks historian Terrence Cole will give his “Final Lecture.” Terrence is retiring from UAF to concentrate on his health and to finish a book. He is the recipient of many honors and awards, several of which he shared with his identical twin Dermot, a respected journalist and commentator of the Alaskan political landscape. Dermot has also transitioned into a new role as a blogger and columnist at large for several publications. Both are noted authors, with a long list of books to their credit. Another Cole brother also played an important role locally. Pat Cole who passed away in 2013 served the city of Fairbanks for decades in several roles including attorney and chief of staff. And all of them, including their kids, on occasion, were hosts for KUAC-FM’s Any Old Time during pledge week. I invited Dermot and Terrence into the studio to reflect on their history in Fairbanks and at UAF.

Also, on the show: Not long ago Northwoods Book Arts Guild opened a new studio with the purpose of crafting beautiful books. One of the guiding spirits behind the venture is Margo Klass an artist and an art historian. I met her in the new studio to discuss the book, the studio and the source of her own magical creations.

And Chris Lott will be in with Katexic Clippings.

2 thoughts on “Weaving Stories, Constructing Chambers

  1. One of the many joys I had while living in Fairbanks and working at the University was getting to know the Cole brothers. I met Pat when I was the Post Commander at Fort Wainwright. He was a great community leader and attorney. I also met Dermot during this time. He wrote articles about activities at FWA and the stories were always factual. When I retrurned to Fairbanks after I retired from the US Army I was lucky enough to become part of the UAF community and it was there that I met Terrence. I was impressed by Terrence…he was irreverent, smart and likable all at the same time….like many of the troops I led in the Army. So we became friend quickly as did Dermot and I. The Cole brothers are the epitome of Alaskan writer and historian. They investigate the facts, write about the fact eloquently and tell a story of Alaska that is important and interesting. And in fact the stories make you think and understand Alaska.

    All the Cole Brothers have made diffence for Alaska in their own way. Pat as the lawyer and city leader. His skills were amazing and he is missed. Dermot is the journalist who told the story of daily Fairbanks In a true and factual way. He is a respected joutrnalist and news paper man. But Terrence is the more flamboyant and eccentric. He has been the UAF faculty member who everyone know for his amazing history classes, wonderful research and books and his irreverence for the admisnsyration. I am lucky enough to call all of them friends and to have been in Fairbanks when they were making a difference for Alaskans , Fairbanksans and UAF students and alumni.

    Thank you.

    Jake Poole
    Vice Chancellor Emeritus


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