North to the Future: eLearning

Carol Gering

UAF eLearning Director Carol Gering

Alaska adopted the motto “North to the Future” in 1967 to observe the centennial of the state’s purchase from Russia. It underscored the general optimism at the time that Alaska represented a place of opportunity. But the region’s sprawling geography has always posed a challenge to educators. That’s less of a concern these days.  The internet has opened up new possibilities to traditional as well as distance education. Dr. Carol Gering heads up the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ E-learning and Distance Education unit. She talks about the changing dynamics and opportunities technology presents educators and students.

And on this episode the Institute of Arctic Biology’s director Brian Barnes discusses over-wintering strategies of Alaskan animals.

And katexic clippings‘ Chris Lott riffs on the term “gamification.”

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