Creating In Two Worlds

greg headshot4

Greg Shipman

Greg Shipman is known for his craftsmanship at University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Geophysical Institute. He runs its machine shop that manufactures anything scientists need that can’t be had off the shelf. Last year, the shop’s reputation led a local surgeon to see if Greg’s crew would print a 3-D scale model of a boy’s femur to aid a tricky operation. What many of his colleagues on campus may not know about Greg is that he is also a serious writer with published poems, stories and plays. I recently sat down with him to find out how he balances his two passions and where he learned his craft.

Also on the show: Matthew Sturm is a frequent guest on Northern Soundings. Matthew’s the author of Finding the Arctic and he’s also our guide to some of the remarkable people and expeditions that every citizen of the Far North should know. Today we hear about Greenland’s Knud Rasmussen.

And Chris Lott is in with another Katexic Clippings.

Music from Jukedeck – create your own at

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