Earth Day

Kimberly Maher

Kimberley Maher

This episode wasn’t supposed to be about Earth Day. Originally, I thought I’d focus on art and literature. I spoke with painter Madara Mason about her exhibit at the UA Museum of the North. Her work sparked this episode’s Katexic Clippings.  But then two surprising offers came my way. First, an independent radio producer in Minnesota Jim Gallagher offered me a wonderful portrait of Fairbanks singer, educator, and environmentalist Susan Grace.  The crazy thing is, their discussion took place in East Africa.  Then later in the show, I talk with author Marilyn Sigman and her new book about the ecological, cultural and historical connections found in Kachemak Bay. But I begin today’s show with the second offer to come my way last week. Guest producer John Perreault pointed out to me that the warmer temperatures in the north would soon spark a healthy and perhaps healing opportunity.  Here’s his conversation about birch sap with Kimberley Maher.

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