From Green Beret to Cabaret

Paul Taylor

Well, okay, Paul Taylor says he’s an entertainer not a crooner. But the former Green Beret, forensic economist, and dog musher also admits he’s most at home with a microphone in hand and in front of an audience.

And I talk to the husband and wife team of DeCruit who recently visited Fairbanks giving workshops for veterans. Stephan Wolfert and Dawn Stern use the poetry and drama of William Shakespeare to help address the trauma of combat and domestic violence.

One thought on “From Green Beret to Cabaret

  1. I think I was in infantry training with Paul. We also went to med training at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas. We were great friends but I lost contact with him. This is a very interesting story. I would love to get in contact with him if you can help.


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