Politics in Uncertain Times


Segments for this show were recorded before events surrounding the viral pandemic COVID-19 radically transformed the social landscape across the globe. Consequently, some of the discussion points in the political segment are out of date. The Alaska Democratic Party primary is now being conducted by mail. Voters have until April 10 to postmark their ballots.

Another alteration is restricted access to the KUAC-FM studio where Alexander Hirsch, Nate Bauer and I record our segments. I’m striving to overcome some of the technical hurdles presented by recording interviews remotely from home. Luckily, I have a handful of recorded discussions in the can, and I’m confident Northern Soundings will continue through these difficult times.

Also on the show, University of Alaska Fairbanks Geography professor Cary de Wit examines the troubled history between Iran and the U.S.

And Chris Lott is in with another Katexic Clippings.


Intro and outro music form No Finer Place

Additional music by Juke

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