Through Their Eyes

Sarah Manriquez Portrait

Sarah Manriquez

The Fairbanks Arts Association is accustomed to displaying images by local photographers. But the current display at the traveling Bear Gallery is unique for several reasons. The photographers are homeless,  and their work was nurtured by the passion of a University of Alaska Fairbanks student. I recently sat down with Sarah Manriquez to learn about the Through Our Eyes Project and what drove her to help the marginalized find a means of expression.

A portion of the Through Our Eyes Project in Fairbanks moves next month to Stone Soup Cafe. I spoke with its Executive Director Hannah Hill about the growing demand to feed the needy.

And we visit again with the Northern Sounding’s two political mavens, Political Science Professor Alexander Hirsch and UA Press Director Nate Bauer. They analyze the developing presidential primary season from an Alaskan perspective. Nate talks about the UA Press Book Club which is currently hosting weekly discussions about our nation’s history.


Music by Julie Rafferty and

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