Loss and Gain


For this New Year’s Eve edition of Northern Soundings, I’m pleased to celebrate with a conversation between my friend and long-time colleague Susan McInnis and the late Richard Nelson. Nelson was a gifted naturalist, anthropologist, and broadcaster. Many know him from his radio series Encounters. But Susan’s discussion was prompted, almost 30 years ago, by the publication of Nelson’s lyrical book The Island Within. Nelson’s connection with KUAC dates back to the 1980s when another of his works Make Prayers to the Raven was made into an award-winning television series. Nelson passed away in November and his distinctive gifts as an engaged and enthusiastic observer of the world and its communities will be missed.

One last note: Long before Northern Soundings, Susan McInnis demonstrated the power of thoughtful conversation at KUAC with her program Sunday at Noon. Working on this show and hearing her again was a joy. I thank her for offering this episode to share.

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