Bridging Cultures

Phyllis Morrow

My Summer Sessions series continues with former University of Alaska Fairbanks Dean Phyllis Morrow. Phyllis is a cultural anthropologist who has spent a good part of her career helping one culture understand and fruitfully work with another, not just between Alaska Native communities and the dominant culture, but between various groups and the legal profession. She and her husband Chase have a consulting business.

But in retirement, Phyllis also donates time to help lead a women’s writing group in Fairbanks Correction Center. It is a program started by one of my earlier guests Sarah Stanley. If that were not enough, Phyllis just finished performing with the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre Company in Macbeth and she is part of a Klezmer band Almost a Minyan.

Also on the show, Chris Lott on Katexic Clippings looks at the “3-Ds” currently haunting Alaska’s political landscape.


Music by Jukedeck

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