Autonomous Submersions


Many KUAC listeners will recognize John Perreault’s name. He serves as the radio station’s weekday morning host.  He also keeps the station’s programs flowing as the FM Operations and Traffic manager.  But John also enjoys a passion for the sciences, with an undergraduate degree in Earth and Space Science and UAF graduate work in geology.   So, when he told me about a researcher and engineer he knew doing cool things with submersibles I asked him to do the interview and produce the piece. I’m happy to offer John’s conversation with Hank Statscewich of UAF’s College Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Also, UAF snow scientist Matthew Sturm is the author of several books, including Finding the Arctic. He’s also a regular contributor to Northern Soundings where he introduces us to some of the explorers of the high latitudes. As a graduate student Matthew worked on Mt. Wrangell. That’s where our conversation begins, though we quickly move to Denali.

And Chris Lott is in with another episode of Katexic Clippings.

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