Glen Shaw: Provisional Knowledge


This episode we look at suspect science and fake news. President Donald Trump as well as some of his cabinet members have expressed skepticism about climate change and its research. The administration’s proposed federal budget reflects deep cuts in science funding. But the stakes are incredibly high, and the facts can’t be dismissed. That’s what University of Alaska Fairbanks professor emeritus Glen Shaw recently told me. Shaw is best known for his work on Arctic haze. But for years he’s also been a contrarian about alarmist headlines on global warming.  When I caught up with him when he was last in Fairbanks, I discovered he’s tempered his skepticism. In fact, he’s deeply concerned about the earth’s climate, to say nothing about the current political climate.

Later in the show UAF philosophy and biology professor Eduardo Wilner explains why human reason offers the best hope for solving problems. And award-winning journalist and UAF Journalism professor Brian O’Donoghue suggests some tips for dealing with fake news.

Also, on the show is artist and art historian Kesler Woodward. He explains representational artists try to fool viewers all the time. And Chris Lott brings us another installment of katexic clippings.

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