Dana Thomas: An Academic for All Seasons


When University of Alaska Fairbanks Chancellor Brian Rogers departed in 2015, the position went through a series of interim leaders. In part, state-wide administrators were examining whether a chancellor was needed and if a single accreditation plan for the system over individual campuses was efficient. During that process one of the leaders who came forward to helm UAF was Dana Thomas. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Thomas attended UAF as a student. Following his graduate studies he returned as a professor of statistics. He also filled many key leadership roles, initially retiring as statewide Vice-president of academic affairs and research. This breadth of experience and longevity with the school made him an ideal choice for Summer Sessions salute to the University of Alaska’s centennial celebration this summer. My thanks to Michelle Bartlett of Summer Sessions for inviting me to host the series of live talks with guests and allowing Northern Soundings to air the discussions.

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