New Eyes – Kesler Woodward


Dancing into the Dark by Kesler Woodward. Used by permission.

If you recall, several episodes back I featured a collaborative project and discussion between the poet Peggy Shumaker and the painter Kesler Woodward. Today I talk with Kes about another collaboration: OneTree Alaska at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The program attempts to engage young people and adults to reflect on their ecological environment. To do that, it draws on a collection of disciplines including science, technology, engineering and math. Perhaps most importantly, for today’s show, the local group also draws on the arts; and this is where Kes comes in. The boreal forest is an obvious point of departure for OneTree Alaska, and Kes has a reputation as one of Alaska’s premier landscape painters. His portraits of birch trees are particularly prized. This Friday OneTree Alaska is hosting an open house featuring paintings by Kes. I thought the event offered a wonderful opportunity to talk with Kes about his work and OneTree Alaska.

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