Poetry Parley

Poet John Morgan

Over the centuries, poetry has offered insights and comfort to many during times of stress. A group in Anchorage has adapted traditional poetry readings into a Zoom event with its Poetry Parley. Local poet John Morgan is featured this month and he’s celebrating the works of William Stafford, as well as reading from his own work.

Pandemic Politics

Tuesday saw Alaska’s primary election, but several races will have to wait for absentee ballots to be counted before declaring a winner. In with analysis are UA Press’ director Nate Bauer and UAF Political Scientist Alexander Hirsch.

Pandemic Politics

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced this week his choice of a running mate: California US Senator Kamala Harris. In with analysis are UAF political scientist Alexander Hirsch and Nate Bauer, director of the University of Alaska Press. 

Pandemic Politics

Is the Republican Party fracturing? The Lincoln Project has released a series of blistering ads against President Trump. In with analysis are UAF Political Science professor Alexander Hirsh and Nate Bauer, who directs the University of Alaska Press.

Memory Lane: Dorothy Jones

Welcome to the final episode of this summer’s Memory Lane discussions. I’m pleased Dorothy Jones agreed to sit down with me. She doesn’t like talking about herself, but her passion for her family, the power of education to improve lives and the importance of social justice makes this conversation a wonderful cap to the series.

Pandemic Politics

Fewer than 100 days remain before the November Presidential election and still fewer days before municipal contests are decided. In this Pandemic Politics, commentator Nate Bauer, Director of the UA press, says in national polls presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden remains in the lead, but in certain Red States, including Alaska President Trump is on top. 

Memory Lane: Dennis Stephens

Dennis Stephens

On this episode of Memory Lane, I visit with Dennis Stephens, professor Emeritus of Library Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I have been looking forward to talking with Dennis. First, I love libraries, with a special fondness for the Elmer E. Rasmuson, but Dennis is also a piper in the Fairbanks Red Hackle Pipe Band, a group that has brought a lot of stirring music to local events over the years. 

These Memory Lane conversations are part of University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Summer Sessions programs.

Pandemic Politics

How far to trust polls in divining what the presidential election will look like in November is murkier than most years. But some interesting trends, particularly in Alaska have caught the attention of KUAC’s two political commentators: Nate Bauer, Director of the UA Press  and Alexander Hirsch, University of Alaska Fairbanks political science professor.

Pandemic Politics

Earlier this month the Supreme Court decided states can pass laws requiring electoral college delegates to vote for their party’s presidential candidate. The ruling set off a fresh wave of discussion about the value of the electoral college. In with analysis are UAF political scientist Alexander Hirsch and UA Press director Nate Bauer.