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Just a brief word on my broadcasting background:  I started in the late 1970s at KPFA in Berkeley, CA volunteering in the Drama and Literature Department. I worked with Erik Bauersfeld, who recently passed away. He was a wonderful performer, producer and a charming man. Ironically, he made his biggest mark for one short sentence exclaimed by Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!” But he leaves behind him a solid legacy of engaging readings and fine radio dramas.

In 1983 I joined KUAC and have been with the station, on and off, ever since. I started out as Production Assistant, rose to Producer. I have also served as the Morning Announcer, FM Volunteer Coordinator, News and Public Affairs Director. That’s public broadcasting for you.

I took a decade long break to serve the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks in several capacities, including Chancellor – an absurdly exalted title for my very mundane administrative work. The most enjoyable task for me was the editorial managing of and writing for the Alaska Catholic magazine, a joint venture started by Alaska’s three Catholic dioceses. I still write for the Fairbanks diocese’s communication vehicles: Ministering and The Alaskan Shepherd.

Last year, I learned KUAC was looking for some on-call reporters. As I was easing into retirement, I jumped at the chance to do what I enjoy best, engage with the people of my community, ask questions and share the answers. I now work for the station 14 hours a week. Northern Soundings allows me to do more of that, but in a longer format. I hope in the future to share some of my site’s content with KUAC.

Robert Hannon

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